The Republican Theater Festival - You. Face to face with your friend across the aisle.
The people who brought you Dan Rottenberg is Thinking about R@ping You present The Republican Theater Festival, featuring the work of conservative playwrights in a liberal medium- and spurring the passionate dialogue and real listening that being face to face demands. 

 In a festival that became controversial before the first play was submitted, Forearmed Productions will invite writers to share their stories of lives impacted by Republican ideals.  

With a mandate to be unflinchingly open minded, the (mostly liberal) actors, directors and designers will give this work a voice- and in doing so examine their own prejudices and closely held beliefs.  

Our writers also agree to come face to face with the people their work satirizes, questions and condemns. 

The Republican Theater Festival will appear November 12th through 18th in Philadelphia as part of Plays & Players Theater's series The American Presidency: A Theatrical Response

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