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Announcing the Selections for the Republican Theater Festival!

501(c) Me by David Marcus (Philadelphia) 
Imagines a world in which
individuals are able to apply for tax-exempt status

Battle Hymn
by Ludmilla Bollow (Wisconson) 
A group of Christians fight
to keep a statue of Jesus in their public park

Downsizing Undercoat Man
by Walt Vail (New Jersey)  
A story of revenge
that reveals the complicity of unions in harm to consumers

Eternal Flowers
by Lavinia Roberts (New York) 
A poignant  meditation
on the effect of serving in the military for one small-town family

Home From College
by Eric Balchunas  (Philadelphia) 
A teenage daughter confronts her parents  to criticize the systems that made her education possible

Occupy This
by  CJ Ehrlich (New York)  
A sendup of the Occupy protests
and the business of panhandiling

by Mike Long (Washington DC)  
A victim of torture learns
the most powerful weapon for revenge

Running Amok
by Quinn Eli (Philadelphia) 
An athlete demands to
take responsibility for a public scandal

The Abortion Bomb
by Basil Considine  (Massachussets) 
A daughter's decision to abort rocks her conservative Catholic family

by  Hank Schwemmer (Texas)
A fun, witty satire on the nature
of partisanship and political debate

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