The Republican Theater Festival - You. Face to face with your friend across the aisle.

Would you say that to my face?

Online, it's pretty easy to call someone a fascist. Or to make a joke of their faith. On TV, you can refer to a whole state as a bunch of idiots.  In a theater, however, you have to look that person in the eye.

In the process of rehearsing a play, you can't avoid talking about what motivates the characters, you have to understand what justifies their choices, or you can't do your job on stage.  

When a playwright sits in the theater, he has to stand and face the audience when the house lights go up after the show.

Theater forces us to listen, and to see.

November 12th through 14, Plays & Players Theater, Philadelphia

Be there. 

Special Events:
Monday, 6:00 PM- Free Reading of Basil Considine's The Abortion Bomb

Tuesday, Post-Show- Panel Discussion with Dom Giordano, Michael Cibik and Festival Participants

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